Process Walkthrough


Process Walkthrough For a typical project I would be given the basic designs, art direction, & formats needed from the graphic designers & product managers. I take the designs & reformat them to fit the necessary templates, as well as updating SKU's, UPC's, legal lines, color settings, layer order, special finishes, & other technical information [...]

Collection Family Renderings


Collection Family Renderings At Studio C, collection family renderings are used internally & for outside sales meetings to show off design collections in several common formats: a 1-subject notebook, composition notebook, 2-pocket folder, 1-inch binder, & small notebook. The basic file was built on an older version of Photoshop & some product details were not [...]

Prototypes & Mockups


Prototypes & Mockups Production samples aren’t always available for outside sales meetings, but prototypes & mockups are well within my comfort zone. I print, foil, mount, finish, cut, punch, bind, glue, paint, staple, sew, label, & wrap each item to be as close to the real thing as possible & frequently compare with similar production [...]

Apparel Design


Apparel Design I produced the majority of these screen print designs at Dapper Ink for their promotional catalog that targets the summer camp market, showcasing the design capabilities & merchandise potential. The Red Falcon/Blue Hornet set were made to the specifications of The Wilds Junior Boot Camp & printed for several hundred junior high school [...]